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  • What are leave-in foundations?
    EZ Piecing leave-in foundations are thin pieces of nearly-transparent fabric printed with pattern information right on them. Because of this, you leave them in, unlike paper pieces you have to pull out.
  • How do you use EZ Piecing leave-in foundations?
    The easiest way is to just follow the directions! Because each seam and point is designed with the perfect seam tolerance and you can see through the foundations, all you need to do is sew along a line with regular stitches and you can piece together even the most complex quilt designs easily!
  • Can I mix-and-match with other things?
    Absolutely! Not only can you mix and match various EZ Piecing leave-in foundations - including blocks and patterns - you can even combine EZ Piecing foundations with other pieces - vibrant fabrics, pieced together segments made other ways - including those old pieced blocks made with paper piecing - or even with luxurious other materials for trim and accessories.
  • Where are your products available?
    In addition to buying online and at the shows we demonstrate at, we sell at several retail outlets. If you don't see what you'd like at your local quilt store, let them know you'd like them to carry EZ Piecing leave-in foundations.
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