"I love all methods of quilting but using the leave-in foundations gives me such perfection and it is so easy."

  "It costs about the same as getting copies made but its already done and I don't have to tear it out when I'm done."

  "You can't even tell its in the quilt!"
EZ Piecing is revolutionizing the quilting world!
EZ Piecing is a leave-in foundation fabric that makes perfect blocks, everytime, the easy way.

Because the EZ Piecing Foundation Fabric is so shear, it can be used without detection.  It won't show through even the lightest fabrics and it can be used in a quilt that has sections without it and is virtually undetectable.

EZ Piecing allows perfect blocks every time without the fuss of cutting exact pieces and having a perfect 1/4" seam allowance.  Just sew on the lines and every block will be perfect, every time!
If you are a shop owner and are interested in carrying the EZPiecing Foundation Blocks and Patterns, please contact us, using the contact page and we will instruct you on how to proceed.
Thank you.
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January 2020